Three Ways To Give Your Home’s Curb Appeal A Boost By Greg & Lisa Doyle, J. Rockcliff Realtors, The Doyle Team

Homeowners only get one chance to make a first
impression. That is one chance to impress potential buyers,
family, friends and neighbors with the first thing they see:
your home’s exterior.
From simple upgrades to meticulous landscaping projects
and replacing an outdated roof, there are dozens of
options to enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior.
Improvements do not need to break the bank or take a
year to complete. By focusing on three simple areas, you
can change the entire look of your home that you will
appreciate every time you pull into
your driveway.
1. Landscaping
The key to curb appeal is balancing
what makes you happy with what works
in your community. Take a moment to
observe the types of trees, plants and
flowers in your surroundings and look
for ways to incorporate them into your
Planting flowers is one of the easiest,
most cost-effective ways to make an
impact. Flowers along the sidewalk, in
front of the house, inside flower boxes,
pouring out of hanging baskets, or even
in berms and raised garden beds, provide a giant boost to
your curb appeal. Exercise your creativity by combining
plants of different height, texture and color in the same
container. By sticking to perennial plants native to your
environment, you will not have to worry about replanting
every year.
2. Roofing
Redesigning the style and color of your roof is a dramatic
and effective strategy for improving curb appeal. Your
roof accounts for 50 percent of your home’s exterior.
Updating the shingles on your roof is going to make a huge
impact on the overall appearance of your home – take
advantage of it.
Start by evaluating roofing choices for compatibility with
your existing siding as well as the style of your home. If
your home has a busy exterior with more than one
contrasting color, try adding a classic color. If you go with a
shingle that resembles the color of wood and a wood-like
appearance, it will complement nearly any exterior paint
If your home’s exterior is a more
neutral shade, try adding a vibrant
colored shingle to stand out in your
3. Paint
Whether you are updating your color
scheme or applying a fresh coat,
painting is an easy way to update your
home’s look from the street in a big
way. Depending on your budget, this
project can be big or small. To make
the most significant impact, consider
painting the entire house. This will bring
new life to paint that has lost its luster
or possibly a new palette of color to incorporate into your
yard. Although this project can call for a larger investment,
the result will pay off in the end.
If your budget is more limited, focus on the areas that catch
the eye. Give shutters and trim a fresh coat of paint, or
paint the front door a bright shade of red or blue.
You do not have to make a large investment to make a
large impact. Focusing on key areas of your home’s
exterior will refresh the entire appearance of the home
and provide a facelift that is within your reach.

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