People seeking homes for sale in Danville have super easy access to San Francisco.  Known as the birthplace of stand up comedy, San Francisco is replete with open mics, improv shows, classic comedy clubs, and live music.  Here are just a few of our favorite San Francisco open mics around town.

Check out the Brainwash Laundromat-Cafe, where every Thursday night you can eat, wash your clothes, play video games, and watch local comics try out their material. Your host, the cheerful and welcoming Tony Sparks, is a truly unforgettable influence on San Francisco’s Underground comedy scene. Be there every Thursday night at 8. Arrive by 7:30 if you want to sign up. Performers get four minutes each. Air your dirty laundry in more ways than one.

On Wednesdays, visit Momy Tobi’s Revolution Cafe and Art Bar, located at 528 Laguna Street. Sign up at 6:30 pm. Mostly musical performances run from 7 pm to 9 pm. Enjoy micro brews on tap. Your hosts include Alison Wonderland. Does that sound like a drag queen or what?  Anyway, call 415-400-5689 for more information.

Stop by Sacred Grounds Coffee House at 2095 Hayes Street on Wednesdays from 8 pm to 10 pm. This event is purely acoustic. No mics are provided. Perhaps they should call it an Open Mouth instead. Anyway, be there! Call 415-387-3859 for more info.

Visit the Smack Dab Open Mic on every third Wednesday of the month. The event is hosted at the Magnet Club in the Castro. Emphasis is on poetry and spoken word performances. Call 415-546-6300 for details.

Also visit the queer-centric, spoken-word Open Mic on Fridays at the Modern Times Bookstore on Valencia between 19th and 20th.

Attend musical Open Mics every Monday night at the Hotel Utah on Bryant Street (call 415-546-6300), or at the Riptide Tavern at Taraval and 47th (Call 415-681-TIDE).

Join Dee Kennedy at Irelar Ireland’s 32 for a musical Open Mic on Tuesdays. Call 415-386–6173.

At 5927 California Street in the Richmond District, the Bazaar Cafe hosts a music Open Mic on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Cafe International hosts an Open Mic on Fridays in the Haight. Kick back in a large room with a friendly staff and a full dinner menu. Call 415-552-7390 for particulars.

On Fridays, try the Wide Open Mic at San Francisco State, where all types of performers (even deejays!) perform.

Last but not least, join an unorganized, impromptu gathering of folks to spout off, sing, dance, shout, play . . . whatever. There’s no organizer, no stage, no PA – whatever happens, happens. There’s a chalk circle drawn to invoke the creative space.  Just jump in or jump out. Every week at 9:30pm until midnigh, San Francisco comes out to play at 16th and Mission Street BART station.

On Saturday, you might as well scout homes for sale in Danville or San Ramon.  San Francisco does not have open mics on Saturdays.



Marin County Open Mic’s


Here’s a short list of some of the most popular open mics in Marin County.

Kate’s Cafe runs an open mic on the third Sunday of every month in the San Geronimo Valley Community Centre, located at 6350 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. A donation of three dollars is requested. Musicians, poets, storytellers, actors, dancers and writers all are welcome. They might even allow stand up comics if you catch them in a good mood. Sign up at 6:30 pm. Performances run from 8 pm to 11 pm. Call 415-488-8888 for directions.

Every Monday night, Finnegan’s Marin in Novato has a featured performer, followed by open mic performances. Sign up at 7 pm. The show runs from 8 pm to closing time. Musicians get two songs each. For more details, call 415-899-1516.

The Belrose Theater in San Rafael hosts an open mic every Thursday night, from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. All types of performers are welcome to attend. This popular show is said to be well worth the five dollar cover charge.  Call 415-454-6422.

Last but not least, laugh your brains out at the Marin Comedy Show. The show plays at various locations throughout the county, such as Trek Wine in Novato and the Marin Showcase Theater in San Rafael, for instance. Marin Comedy Show features some of the Bay Area’s best comedians. Visit for featured comedians and scheduled open mic performances.



Open Mic’s Berkeley


Looking for local performance ops? Berkeley is the place to be! Here are some of Berkeley’s favorite open mic nights:

Why not stop in at the Freight & Salvage Open Mic on the third Monday of every month (and some Tuesdays and Wednesdays)? Call ahead for scheduled show times. Many excellent musicians play here, which expains teh $8.50 cover charge ($6.50 if you arrive before 7pm).

Also in Berkeley, be sure to visit Priya, featuring succulent Indian Cuisine and a musical open mic night  every Monday. The show runs from 7 pm to 9 pm, with each performer allowed five minutes of stage time. Enjoy poetry, storytelling, comedy, and a capella singing. No musical instruments are allowed.

Other Berkeley Open Mics include musical performances at Bobby G’s, and a mixed open mic at the Starry Plough on Shattuck Avenue. Both shows are held on Tuesday nights.

On Sunday nights is another Open Mic at the Long Haul, located at 3142 Shattuck Avenue, right across the road from Starry Plough.

Especially popular with local musicians is Bec’s Open Mic on Wednesdays, where each player gets two or three songs. Also in Berkeley on Wednesdays is a musical Open Mic at an elegant dive bar called the Missouri Lounge, and the Berkeley City Club Open Mic at 2315 Durant. Call 510-684-4832 for details.