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Despite being home to a Federal women’s prison, the city of Dublin is a thriving urban village with more than five thousand local businesses, many of them situated at the gigantic Stoneridge Shopping Mall. Dublin’s countless local conveniences include markets, specialty shops, restaurants, and the Dublin-Pleasanton BART Station.  The perfectly centralized location of Dublin allows quick and easy access to cities all over the Bay Area, with San Francisco only about 30 miles away.

Dublin is one of California’s fastest growing cities, with a resident population around fifty thousand.  The rapid rate of residential construction on the east side of town will allow for a population of 75,000 or more over the next few years.  At this time, home shoppers have more than 150 available houses and apartments to choose from.  Dublin home prices currently range from cozy one-bedroom condos starting at around $300,000,  to four and five bedroom mansions priced as high as one and a half million.

Dublin schools rank very highly on a statewide scale.  A school’s state rank (from 1 to 10) is determined by the school’s API Score, as compared to the API scores of all other schools in California. Dublin’s John Green Elementary, James Dougherty Elementary, Dublin Elementary, and Dublin High School all score a perfect ten in academic performance.

Popular annual events in the city of Dublin include the ultra prestigious Dublin Edge Film Festival.

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Diablo is a tiny, unincorporated town that covers roughly 1.5 square miles, and contains about twelve hundred local residents.  It is conveniently situated less than three miles east of Danville, which is a virtual walking distance for most people.  Diablo is home to only about 45 local businesses, most of them offering professional services.

The quaint little village of Diablo hugs the western edge of Diablo State Park, and is known mostly for its prime real estate opportunities and enticing senior communities.  At the present time, Diablo offers about a dozen posh luxury homes to choose from, ranging from a modest, 3,000-square foot ranch style home priced at about one-and-a-quarter million, all the way up to a ten million dollar mansion boasting five spacious bedrooms, four elegant bathrooms and a gourmet kitchen.  This high end home offers 5,700 square feet of opulent living space with all of the most upscale amenities.

Things to do in Diablo include visiting Oak Hill Park and joining the Diablo Country Club.  Among the town’s nearby attractions are several magnificently manicured golf courses.  Kids who live in Diablo usually attend school in Danville.

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Roughly 11,000 people who reside in the upscale enclave of Clayton enjoy the relaxed convenience of more than a thousand commercial businesses and numerous homes for sale.  Local businesses include many specialty shops and fine restaurants.

Among the city’s popular neighborhood attractions are the Oakhurst Country Club, Mt. Diablo State Park, and Black Diamond Mines, all located within a few miles of town.  Clayton’s popular annual events include an Oktoberfest and a live music series called Concerts in the Grove.

Due to a well-kept trail system meandering for 27 miles, Clayton was recently voted one of the five most walkable small cities in America by Walking Magazine.  The city also offers easy access to Concord, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, among others.

People seeking homes for sale in Clayton are enticed by the local public schools, which are top ranked among all schools in California, with some of the nation’s highest API scores.  Mt. Diablo Elementary School scores a perfect 10 with an API of 930 out of 1,000.  Diablo View Middle School ranks an impressive 9 out of 10, with an API of 893.

Fortunately for real estate shoppers, there are several dozen beautiful homes for sale in Clayton.  Prices of single-family homes for sale range from below $300,000 to almost 2 million dollars.  Though there are many wonderful homes for sale in Danville and beyond, Clayton is a town that has it all, which is probably why CNN Magazine voted the city of Clayton one of America’s 100 Best Places to Live.




Three miles north of Danville is the neighborhood of Alamo, a quiet little community in the San Ramon Valley, with an unassuming population nearing 15,000.

Alamo is characterized by rolling ranch land dotted with opulent luxury homes of dizzying proportions. The ultra wealthy set seek homes for sale in Alamo because of its idyllic landscape and warm sunny climate, combined with easy access to nearby cities like Danville, Dublin, San Ramon, Diablo, Blackhawk and Walnut Creek, not to mention Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco.  That explains why Alamo’s median annual household income is well over $150,000.

People seeking homes for sale in Danville will find that Alamo features some of the nation’s top ranked schools. In fact, Alamo Elementary School, Rancho Romero Elementary School, and Stone Valley Middle School all rank a perfect 10 on the national school ranking scale.

Alamo is also home to nearly two thousand businesses, which include many dozen places to shop, as well as numerous fine restaurants.  Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at Izzy’s Place, or Sushi at Haru, or Chinese food at Alamo Palace, or a Mexican fiesta at Don Jose’s.  Just southwest of town, visit an invigorating waterfall cascading through the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness.

Regardless of market fluctuations, Alamo homes for sale remain a solid real estate investment.  For instance, how about a 12-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion occupying a hundred rolling acres on Serenity Lane, available for a cool 42 million?  For the lower income crowd, Alamo also offers a variety of modest homes for sale on half acre lots, starting at around a million dollars.

The next time you go house hunting, remember the Alamo!


Hi there, I’m Lisa Doyle with J. Rockcliff Realtors and welcome to our how is the market update. Today’s Friday, Friday the 13th. Happy Friday and it’s September of course, and I want to give you a little update based on where we are with our active and pending statistics in our area and then I wanted to give a little advice.
A question I receive this time of year from many families that we help, and I’ve already had this question over this last thirty days probably ten times is, approaching the fall and approaching the early winter, when is the best time to sell my home? If you want to make a move sometime in the next six months should you wait after January?
Should you wait till the spring? So to answer this question, there are a few things that I want to share statistically. Going into the fall and here we are almost the middle of September. One of the advantages of this time of year is that our inventory will typically reduce over this next 30 days by about 20%.
And, what’s great about this time of year is, the buyers who are looking at homes in the fall it’s generally because they have a very strong motivation to buy a home. Maybe they’ve been transferred but people who are out looking when the market tends to get a little colder outside what you get is a very, very motivated buyer.
In an environment where our inventory has already been tight all year, and you’re going to see inventory drop probably like I said about 20% over this next 30 days, so, something to think about. If you really truly want to sell your home and you want to make a move, moving and selling when there’s not as much competition and when buyers who are maybe they’ve been frustrated over the last few months and not finding a nice home maybe they’ve been in competition in homes those people are going to come out of the woodwork and want to buy homes in the fall when they feel like maybe the competition might be down, but I think it’s going to be reversed.
So, think about that. But there is never a bad time to sell. You have questions about it, let me know. So here we are again in the middle of September and as far as the statistics we’ve just been on a bit of a roll roller coaster this year with inventory and pended. The ratio between the two is how we tend to judge the heat of the market.
Meaning if you have a very large inventory obviously, supply and demand tends to make prices softer. Our inventory this year has been very low. We are at where we have been consistently for the last few months. The lowest peak of our inventory was actually April/May of this year, where we had less than 500 homes active on the market at any one time.
Right now we doubled our active, we’re 1030. This is an interesting statistic to watch. Pending right now we have 1110 so our pending and active ratio is right now very even, whereas previous months we had almost double the pending two are active, so maybe a few less homes going into escrow right now.
I think that that will change as we head towards the fall. Right now, this week we had actively go on the market 187 properties and we had 151 pending. One of the things that always happens in the Fall as well is that relocation buyers. People that are relocated with some of our major companies will tend to be relocated in the fall, winter and the very first part of the year.
And you’re in our east bay and our price brackets tend to be very common for a relocation family. They tend to be very motivated. They tend to be non-contingent and they do tend to have financing windups so they are very good buyers. But again market has been very stable. Things are moving forward.
I’m going to keep you posted as we head toward the end of the year we shouldn’t see any crazy changes. Interest rates are holding tight. We’re just under 5%. Of course we’ve had a rise over the last six months in interest rates, but hopefully we’ll stay. I’m going to keep you posted because if interest rates begin to rise dramatically that’s going to change the dynamic of our markets quite a bit.
My name is Lisa Doyle and my number direct 925-890-7443. Give me a call if you have any questions.