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Hi, there. I’m Lisa Doyle with J. Rockcliff Realtors, and we like to bring you services that can help you with your home and questions that you have. I have a very special guest today. This is Elaine Young, and I’m going to of course tell you a little bit about her services. Elaine works with New York Life And we have had a couple of instances lately, where we have had clients that have had just unexpected tragedy in their lives. And they were unprepared and so I just thought what a great time and how important it is to bring someone who can offer some services that can help them. So tell us a little bit about mortgage insurance and, Well thanks for coming. Thank you Lisa for having me. And well, most people don’t think about life insurance, using it different ways, but mortgage protection is actually a great way of protecting a homeowner from losing a home.

Now most people think mortgage protection or mortgage insurance is covered, but that’s different from mortgage protection. This actually helps the client in the case of the lost of the love one that they’re able to pay off the entire mortgage without losing their home., insurance, we’re used to seeing our clients get.

People say, isn’t that enough to protect me? But that doesn’t protect them at all. That protects the mortgage company. Correct. From loss, or problems. But what we’re talking about is, and I’ll just give you a quick example, we have a long time client of ours who just had a tragedy the wife passed away, leaving the husband with two small children.

And, devastation. They were young. Unexpected, something that you don’t plan for. Correct. I thought, there’s got to be something that we could do that would be very affordable for young families and so that’s why I wanted to bring you to share, just some examples of what that mortgage protection would look like?

How does someone like that, young, especially the ones with children and especially in this economy, where so many families are depending on two incomes. Right, exactly. So tell us a little bit about that. Well actually based on term insurance, which is a form of life insurance, but term insurance is very affordable.

Very inexpensive, and you think about the cost that these families have worked so hard to get the house that they dream of.


Just a small amount of expense can actually save them the home that they worked so hard to get.


And their children in the schools. All of that.

Yeah. Exactly.

So, what we do is, you know, we meet with a client and find out exactly what their goals are, what their current assets are gonna be as far as paying a mortgage and what it’s going to be like, what their goals are, and we determine how much ’cause sometimes some people don’t need the entire mortgage paid off.


If they want to split in half and just, you know, we ‘re trying to cover at least some of the income that would potentially be lost in a tragic situation.

Well in that way, if there’s an unexpected, especially like I said when you’re young and you have small children to care for and a lot to prepare. I mean at least it would allow them, in most cases, to stay in their homes.

Exactly. And not have to feel like, because I’ve had like I said, clients come to me with tragedy, and they’re devastated. I mean their entire world is upside down and now they can’t be in their home it’s just, I thought there’s just got to be a way.

Yes. So — So, tell us, give us example, of course it all depends on the health of the insured – Correct, it is based on life insurance, so it is based on age and their health criteria. But of course the younger and the healthier you are the least expensive it’s going to be. So which is great is that if a young family starting out, now’s the time to do it as opposed to waiting when you’re getting older you’ve had health issues- And if you’ve had health issues.

Right. So, if you’re thinking about protecting your family, this is just another step of doing it. So, they do go through the process of how they would get life insurance, because that’s what it is. Okay. But it’s just another way. Like I said there’s different ways of using life insurance, and different avenues.

It’s not just life insurance. It’s to protect valuable assets so you don’t lose. Oh exactly. And I know Elaine of course helps, in the process of helping success in financial planning, too. So, you have that, plus life insurance that would be designated for different purposes. Correct. But I wanted to share that the idea of protecting a young family when they buy a home.

If it can be an inexpensive part of your expenses, what a way to insure that tragedy won’t make you have to sell your home. Exactly. We can totally customize it according to the families. So I like sitting down, getting their plan all together, and make it affordable. Because something is better than nothing, even if it was just a small hard, may be one third of the mortgage would be covered in a case of a tragedy.

And then, of course, term insurance would go towards, later on if provided all goes well, and of course but it just gives you that protection. Exactly. And our term insurance is always convertible to a life product later on. Okay. And the one great thing about New York Life is we’ve been around for 166 years.

Right. We’re not going anywhere. So those mortgages that are going to be 20-30 years, you’ll be here. We’ll be here. Right. Exactly. Thank you so much for helping us today. Tell them how to reach you. Ok. Well, I’m located in Bishop Ranch III in San Ramon. And my number is 925-866-4557, or you can always check my website that gives additional information on any insurance products, and that’s

Thank you so much for joining us and of course if you know of anyone who can use services, you know families, maybe you have children or grandchildren who need this information. Please pass this on.

And we appreciate your time. Talk to you soon. Thank you


Lisa Doyle,, Greg Doyle, San Ramon Homes, Danville Homes, Bay Area Homes, Bay Area Short Sales, Short Sale in San Ramon, East Bay Real Estate Market,
Hi there, I’m Lisa Doyle with J. Rockcliff Realtors and we have one of our most favorite segments today. We love to promote local businesses. You know, businesses that you can use, new to the area, if you’ve just moved into our area, or if you’re looking for the best dry cleaner, that’s what we have today.

We have Harvey from Harvey’s Dry Cleaner, thanks for joining us.

Thank you, thanks for having me.

I wanted to share Harvey’s with all of you because, as we love to promote locally owned businesses that we can help prosper, especially when times have been a little harder on most companies. You know, we want to get the word out and help you grow. But what I love about your business, Harvey, is you’ve been in the business for so long.

Tell us a little bit about your time that you’ve been open.

We’ve been here for 45 years, right in the Dublin area. We’re a full-service dry cleaner. We do it all right in plant. We wash. We dry clean. We do laundry. We do preservation of wedding dresses. We do Nordstroms, we do both stores, the Stone Ridge store and the Walnut Creek Store.

Well, what I love about your business is the reputation that you have for customer service. Your prices are always so very competitive. You do a good job. Tell us a little bit about pickup and delivery.

We have a pickup and delivery service that we started about 1970-71. You can’t miss our bags, they are express bags, they’re orange, our color is orange here.

And Harvey’s wearing orange today.

And I’m wearing orange today. Very unusual. So we pick up, like I say, right direct at the door step. We do businesses and residential. We go from Dublin. We have two routes, a north and a south. From Dublin to Orinda is our north route, and from Dublin to Ruby Hills is our south route.

So anywhere in between, we pick up doctor’s offices, we do laundry for doctor’s offices, we do the plastic surgery in Pleasanton. We do Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek.

That’s wonderful. You have a very large commercial business as well as helping those of us just individuals, you know, with our dry cleaning as well. But you do a big delivery and pick up, a pretty wide area.

Yeah, we have over 200 customers on the pick up and delivery. And we also do bulk dry cleaning and bulk laundry. So if you like to press at home, you can take it home and press it. We clean it and spot it and hang it up for you, and you just take it home and press it.

And tell us what the cost is for that. Because I know that that’s a very reasonable, that’s one of the things that makes you different from others. The cost for dry cleaning, bulk dry cleaning, is $5.50 a pound. And the cost of laundry per pound, I believe, is about $2.40. That’s wash and fold.

Wonderful. And Harvey’s is located in Dublin, right off the freeway. And give us your address and how they can reach you.

I ‘m at 6797 Dublin Boulevard. We’re right across from the soccer field. Our phone number here is area code 925-828-7214. A little difficult to get to, but well worth the trip. And Dublin Boulevard, as you know is expanding, so it’s a little hard to get in and out of.

Temporarily, yeah, Temporarily. Yeah, so, it’s well worth the trip, we do excellent work.

In our search for the best dry cleaners, you know, Harvey’s stands out by far. So if you have any questions or of course, if you want to utilize Harvey’s services, come on down to Harvey’s Dry Cleaner, or you can always call me as well. My number again, 925-890-7443. And we look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks, Harvey.
Thank you, Lisa.

Lisa Doyle,, Greg Doyle, San Ramon Homes, Danville Homes, Bay Area Homes, Bay Area Short Sales, Short Sale in San Ramon, East Bay Real Estate Market