HOW MUCH HAS OUR MARKET RISEN? March 30, 2012 bv Lisa Doyle with J. Rockcliff Realtors

Hi there. I’m Lisa Doyle, with J. Rockcliff Realtors. Welcome to our “How is the market update”. And today is Friday, March 30th, 2012 and so we’re into the first quarter and the statistics are very interesting. You know, I get a lot of calls from everybody asking me on an almost daily basis, “Well, how is the market? Have we hit bottom? Are we going up?” So to give you an answer, we’ve definitely improved. Statistically, I’m going to give you some data and share a little bit of information with you. Right now, as far as our East Bay Market, we’ve got the lowest active inventory we’ve had since. I’ve been tracking it very closely since 2005, which is really a great sign. 985 active listings are in the market right now, which even from just a week ago, we’re down 200. Pended inventory is up dramatically at 2,137. So now we have officially surpassed even the halfway mark.
Whereas you remember, five, six months ago, our inventory was 2400 active listings and 1,650 properties pending. So we’ve made a complete reversal, which is causing the demand in the market to be stronger. I think the demand stronger, has caused the inventory to be less. But we are seeing prices, what I would say the best way to describe prices is we have taken the bounce off the bottom. People are asking me, have we risen yet? Not enough to calculate, but we are in the early signs of recovery. As a buyer, definitely it is a great time you jump in, when inventory rises again, which it typically will, we’ll see more inventory could soften our heat of the market a little bit, so as a seller you want to take advantage of that if you can. But I wanted to give you some data on a few of our cities. Some questions that I get on a regular basis, what’s going on with the shadow inventory, what’s going on with bank-owned properties? Short sales have kind of surpassed the bank owns, as a strategic way to help someone under distress. I’ll give you a heads up on a few. In our San Ramon market, our bank owned numbers of homes sold for the first quarter. Bank owned was only 12%. Our short sales were 14%. So 12%, 14%, still pretty high in the San Ramon area due to more new construction. The Danville numbers are a bit lower. In the area, of course, the less new construction would mean that people have owned their homes typically longer and we see less of the short sale bank-owned issues. But only 6% bank-owned sold in the first quarter and 11% short sale, which those numbers are actually lower than last years numbers. So that would indicate an improvement taking place in the market definitely the banks are saying to us, we don’t want to foreclose. We want to short sale. There’s heavy pressure on them to help the home owners. So there’s very good legislation in place right now to protect the home owners from negative consequences of short sale, which we’ll talk about that a little bit in the next couple of weeks. And then I also wanted to show the Walnut Creek statistics because that’s kind of the central city of our county. Walnut Creek a little bit higher than Danville as far as market still. There are 13 % bank-owned closings the first quarter and 20% short sales. And the one statistic that’s very interesting, we had 55% lower inventory. San Ramon was 51%, Danville 5 % percent lower inventory and in Walnut Creek only four percent less inventory, so interesting statistics. In Walnut Creek our inventory has actually risen. So it is kind of causing a little bit more availability, a little bit less frenzy going on in that market. But of course, if you have questions about your specific situation or your home, call me anytime. My name again is Lisa Doyle. My cell phone is 925-890-7443 and I’ll see you next week.
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Hi there I am Lisa Doyle with J. Rockcliff Realtors and I wanted to give an
update on short sales. As you know we specialize in short sales, helping
families through the process of short sales. And we’ve had a circumstance
that I wanted to share. It’s the first time that we’ve actually been able to
take advantage of the some of the new legislations that’s coming the place.
Or what I would say some of the new rules as far as short sales. We were told
a few months ago that if a borrower, a home owner, sold their home on a
short sale and they were not delinquent and they got their short sale
accepted they could immediately return go by another home as long as they
will use an FHA Well, we just had our successful circumstance where we got
the client’s short sale approved. And now they are in the process of buying a home. And one of the things that I wanted to share, many people ask me, when you’re processing a Short Sale how significant does the hardship need to be in order to get a Short Sale accepted. And in the case of the family that we just helped, they didn’t have real significant hardship. They just had a baby. They need actually more space and they’re going to buy a home, a single family home that’s larger and they qualify for the purchase and the only thing that we had to do to make the bank accept their short sale is, they participated with a $10,000, amount of money where they put towards the short sale. So I just wanted to give you guys an update. Once we close the escrow I’ll bring them in to do a quick little video so that they can share their
circumstances because this is kind of a new territory. Short sales typically, you know, once you did a short sale you would not then be able to qualify to purchase another home and that has changed regarding your specific short sale circumstance. Call me any time. My name is Lisa Doyle. I work for J. Rockcliff Realtors of course and today is Friday March 30th, 2012. Thanks too much talk to you soon.
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PREAPPROVED BUYERS REALLY NEED A HOME! March 2012 by Lisa Doyle and Rachel Knight with J. Rockcliff Realtors

Hi there I’m Lisa Doyle with J. Rockcliff Realtors and this is Rachel Knight with J. Rockcliff Realtors. Of course we work together as you know and today is our segment of our hot buyer needs. As you have known, or most of you probably know our market has really shifted. We are seeing a supply and demand shift that we’ve not seen for several years where our demand’s gotten stronger, and our supply is about 62% less of what it was just a few months ago. We have some families that we are helping look for homes, and we are having a hard time helping them. So, we wanted to get the word out of what they’re looking for. So Rachel is going to share with you and then I’ll also share some information as well. We have some really nice families looking for homes. My first hot buyer is Alex and Tiffany. They have three boys, four-year-old twins and another two-year-old boy, and what they’re looking for is a home in San Ramon or Pleasanton, three bedrooms at least and under 550 ($550,000), in a nice neighborhood near a park where their kids can practice soccer and possibly take swimming lessons nearby. I also have another couple looking for a home in Orinda or in Lafayette with a convenient commute location. They’re looking again for three bedrooms or more, 2 baths or more, about 1700 square feet or bigger and up to about 1.2 million. So if you know of anything for that family, they have two little girls 3 and 1, let me know. And I think Lisa you have one too. I do. We’re helping another family that’s looking for a home. They’ve transferred here from Southern California, and they’ve sold their house, they’re in temporary housing, which is painful. They have a son in high school who goes to Monte Vista High School.
So they’re looking in Danville, San Ramon, something in that 900 to 950,000 range and they want something 3000 square feet or bigger. They really like the newer communities, those newer homes up by Blackhawk by the east gate of Blackhawk in Danville or Gale Ranch and the Bridges, that area. So if you know of anyone who has a home like that coming or the homes that Rachel mentioned, boy, we really want to help these families find a nice home and get them settled. If you yourself are actually looking to sell a home that even isn’t one of these descriptions that we described there’s buyers out there looking for homes right now, and we don’t have enough homes to help them purchase; so, call us if you have any questions of course. And again, my name is Lisa Doyle. And this is Rachel reach us at our office at (925) 855-4046. We’ll talk to you soon.
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Hi there I’m Lisa Doyle with J. Rockcliff Realtors and welcome to our How’s The Market segment. Today is Friday March 23rd and I’ve just got some amazing statistics right now with our market still continuing to change, definitely for the better. I get calls every day from people asking me, okay so what’s going on, have we hit bottom? Are we improving? Is the market changing? What’s happening? So I actually have some statistics for today. And I went back four or five months and pulled up the statistics from what we saw just a few months ago, and it’s just incredible. And everyone asks me, do you think that this trend will continue? I think it will. I think it may not continue to the level that we’ve seen, but let me give you the numbers. The two numbers that I watch most closely to decide where our market’s headed and what the trends are It’s just the basic economics, supply and demand, right? So right now, active inventory on the market is 1,007. And that’s in our entire East Bay; 1007 total pending. This is the first time – I’ve been doing these updates, of course, for years – and this is the first time in years that our pending inventory is double the active inventory. This the first time I’ve seen that since 2005. So again, our active inventory is 1007; total pending is 2085, which is just, again, the trend of this very low supply and our demand increasing. So again, as a seller, just a terrific time to take advantage of the opportunity to sell your home, and have a great demand. This week, active inventory – new homes that have hit the market – is 157 and there were 212 go pending. So again, that trend very much continuing. So the other question that we did, of course, is where are we with our distress market? What is going on with the shadow inventory? Are there homes actually coming on the market that are going to be, say bank owned or short sales considered also part of the stress market, in our area we have not seen a great increase in those numbers right now. We do know that they are out there but I do have some good news as far as the bank-owned properties. Most of the banks are really encouraging the consumers to accept a short sale which, you know there’s so many benefits to our area  communities, to the people, to the seller. To accept the short sale rather than letting the bank take their home. And in our next segment I’ll give you some of those pros and cons because you might have questions about your personal circumstances with a potential short sale, or you may have family or friends that need help. So let me give you the numbers from a few months ago. And this is crazy. This was even when our market was getting better also. But, this was back in September. So we had total active on the market at that time 2250 and total pending at that time was 1800. So again, our inventory is less than half of where we were and our pended market is double the actives. So just a terrific time to sell a home. And if you’re a buyer, be patient, hang in there. We’ve got some tools to help buyers to find homes that are coming. So if you have questions about that, let me know. My name is Lisa Doyle. My number to reach me direct is 925-890-7443, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.