Another Bank Owned Home Coming Soon! 1071 Oak Hill Road, Lafayette!

4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 2723 Square Feet

Great home with lots of nice features. Nice-sized lot, beautiful scenery all around, close to downtown Lafayette, restaurants, BART and so much more!

Price TBD

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8 Camera Tips to Capture a Room’s Size- An Article From Realtor Magazine

* Remove area rugs to make the room appear larger.

* Using a wide-angle camera with a 28 millimeter or less is the best lens for interior photos, because it enlarges the distance between the objects and highlights the depth of a room.

* Remove bulky furniture if a room is already small. If it’s a larger room and there is potential for a reading corner, for example, place a chair in the corner with a floor lamp behind it.

* Get the room staged if the home is vacant, so buyers can picture their own furniture in there.

* Bring in mirrors to make a room look larger or to reflect the extras such as a sunken tub, etc.

* Turn on all lights and open the curtains to highlight the home. If the home is dark, it doesn’t make it very inviting and may make the area look smaller.

* Take pictures at a few different angles and get low to the ground to capture the space.

* Get rid of clutter and junk by throwing away old papers, putting away magnets that are stuck on the fridge, towels hanging from the stove, etc. Make the home as inviting as possible and that includes making room for potential buyers to walk around freely without bumping into things or squeezing in between furniture, etc.

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